• Handbook for

    New Refugees


    Are you one of us?


    This website is dedicated to empowering you to use the collapse of your previous life to invent a better life for everyone.

    Please use your gifts.

    This is what they are for.

  • NOTE 1:

    This website is built by New Refugees... meaning, the actual refugees themselves, not some NGO or corporate-funded greenwash project.

    The purpose of this website is to be a Handbook for New Refugees for empowering each other to make use of the emerging circumstances in creative and empowering ways.

    The fact that climate is changing for the worse, or that the capitalist patriarchal empire is in its death throes is no accident. This dimension of force is needed to change the status quo, to kick you out of your sleeping comfort zone and put your feet to the road so you can do something different from your life of mere survival.

    Now that you are getting free of your belongings, your title, your reputation, and all the things you know that held value in your previous circimstances, you can actually start doing something different. This is a blessing, for you, and for Gaia.

    NOTE 2:

    This website stands completely on its own as a Handbook for New Refugees, and at the same time it is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code NREFUGEE.00 to log your Matrix Points earned at this website on http://StartOver.xyz.












  • Two Doorways To Being A New Refugee

    You have probably become a New Refugee in one of two ways:

    1. By Armageddon
    2. By Transformation

    In either case your circumstances are the same.


    (This is a heavy thing to claim, yet... if you investigate it, you might come to agree.)


    The Armageddon Refugee and the Transformation Refugee are in the same aliveness-enhancing circumstances. The usual burden of being framed-up by your existing circumstances has been entirely removed. You have a new future. Are you going to wait around expecting someone else to make your future for you? Or are you going to make your future yourself? It is a simple but big question.


    Not answering this question consciously means you unconsciously expect someone else to create a new life for you. Is that really what you want?


    By becoming aware of your grand opportunity, and by taking radical responsibility for being where are, you become a New Refugee, regardless of how you got here.


    Armageddon Refugees

    1. Your life has been destroyed by religious, racial, or political persecution.
    2. Your home has been destroyed by war.
    3. Your livelihood and farm has been destroyed by climate change.
    4. You have lost your passport and are stateless.
    5. The local traditional culture, government policies, and infrastructure have rejected you.
    6. There is nothing you can do to beg that these things do not change. They have already changed. Being a refugee is forced on you. Is this punishment? Is it an accident? Or is it your good fortune? 
    7. Beliefs about what is true, what is important to you or what a life is no longer help you.
    8. Becoming 'white', becoming 'modern', or becoming 'successful' are all failed paradigms. They are exterminating life on Earth. Most refugee workers do not admit this yet. It is up to you to tell them, over and over and over again. 
    9.  Becoming a New Refugee is your wake-up call to create a new future, for you, for your family and friends, for the future people of the world.

    Transformation Refugees

    1. Your life has been destroyed because the rules make no sense to you anymore. You have left it behind. 
    2. The Rule of Law of modern culture is exterminating life on Earth at the fastest possible rate. Anyone following that Rule of Law is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing that Rule of Law has already forfeited their life. 
    3. Traditional values don't have value anymore and are rejected.
    4. Trying to fit in or please external authority is no longer satisfying.
    5. Beliefs about what is true, what is important about what a life is no longer fit in your worldview. You are a refugee. Is this punishment? Is this an accident? Or is it your good fortune?
    6. Becoming 'white', becoming 'modern', or becoming 'successful' are all failed paradigms. Most refugee workers do not admit this yet. It is up to you to tell them, over and over and over again. 
    7. Becoming a New Refugee is your wake-up call to create a new future, for you, for your family and friends, for the future people of the world. 
  • Free Resources

    Real Voice

    Get your voice back.

    Get your authority back.

    Make offers.

    Negotiate new possibilities.

    Free Website Making Platform

    Global Ecovillage Network

    Free English Language Lessons

    Other Languages http://italki.com

  • A Film About Transformation Refugees

    The (R)evolution - cultural creatives

  • What Is A New Refugee?

    In June 2019 the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) released a report documenting that over 70 million people around the world are now refugees. The UN agency admitted that their estimate is conservative (meaning underestimated).


    UNHCR defines a 'refugee' in three limited categories: refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people (IDPs), all of whom must be fleeing conflict or persecution to qualify as a 'refugee'.


    The UN's figures ignore the estimated 10 million stateless persons. Neither do they include the increasing numbers of people who are forced to leave their homes or countries due to climate change. Typhoons, draught, hurricanes, tornadoes, rising temperatures, and rising oceans may add an additional 150 million actual refugees by 2050, forcing the world total of refugees to gradually exceed 200 million.


    This total - as shocking as they may be - are joined by a third category of refugees that is not taken into account by any of the above calculations.


    There are estimated to be more than 100 million Cultural Creatives already in the world today.

    • Cultural Creatives are refugees because they are forced to abandon a commonly held belief system due to their increased awareness that the old belief system is crippled and blocking evolution. 
    • Cultural Creatives are refugees because they take responsibility for living, working, and playing in gameworlds of their own making which support values of their own liking.

    However, a refugee is a refugee, regardless of the way you have become a refugee.


    To think that you becoming a refugee is an accident does not pay proper respects to the brilliant wisdom and timing of ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) which has been arranging the miraculous events of your life heretofore.


    If becoming a refugee is not an accident, then what do you need to shift to make effective use of the exquisite and powerful opportunities you have been given by becoming a refugee? That is what this website is about: tools, techniques, thoughtware upgrades, and processes that activate you as a transformational refugee.


    The perspective that being a refugee carries a higher state of Possibility than, for example, being an employee, being a citizen of a country, owning a home or a business, etc., is not a new idea. For example, at the end of the article at this link you will find these words: "Instead of being framed using linguistic strategies that suggest victimhood... refugees and asylum seekers could perhaps better be framed as capable, resilient people who have overcome adversity, who have resisted and freed themselves from oppressive or dangerous situations."


    Standard Refugee Concept


    Standard Refugee story: "Bad things happened to me. The weather changed. There is war. My house and farm are destroyed. The government is corrupt. I was forced to leave. Nobody is helping me. I have been abused, abandonned, betrayed, and victimized. I am helpless and alone. I don't have enough food, shelter, clothing, or security. I feel angry, sad, and scared. Somebody has to take care of me."

    New Refugee Concept


    New Refugee story: "What happened is not an accident.

    Standard Refugee Purpose

    To create refuge

    New Refugee Purpose

    Radical Responsibility

    Standard Refugee Values


    New Refugee Values

    Radical Responsibility



















  • Clarity, Energy, and Team

    There are over 300 million refugees now roving the Earth without a country.


    Some have been forced to leave their homelands by war, corrupt government, climate change, draught, flood, or famine. These are the 'Armageddon Refugees'.


    Some have been forced to leave their homelands by awareness expansion. The culture of their birth no longer holds enough reality to make any sense. These are the 'Transformation Refugees'.


    Both kinds of refugees have gone in search of something better. The moment you shift away from perceiving yourself as a victim of circumstances and start perceiving yourself as a chosen one who has been given great opportunity to create something, you become a New Refugee.


    Perhaps going in search of something better is the wrong strategy... perhaps there isn't anything better to find...


    Not finding something better does not mean that something better can not be made.


    Whose job is it to make something better? We are claiming that making something better is the job of the New Refugees. In other words, you.


    How can you make something better? It seems obvious that you do not have the authority, the power, the money, the resources, the connections, maybe even the vision to make things better... so how can you make something better?


    You have the CLARITY to make it better! You have the ENERGY to make it better! And you have the TEAM to make it better! These are the perfect ingredients for making it better!

    You have CLARITY to make it better because you recognize things that have not worked. That clarity is treasure.


    You have ENERGY to make it better through your pain about what you have lost, your pain about hopes that have been shattered, your pain about people you have lost, your pain about things that are broken or destroyed. Consciously feeling and applying the wisdom of your pain and suffering is the ENERGY for making things better. This pain is gold.


    You have a TEAM to make it better in all your fellow New Refugees, whether they originated as Armageddon Refugees or Transformation Refugees.


    All New Refugees have something in common. You carry enough pain about what does not work to serve you as designers of the next culture. Your pain is the key to creating new ways of life, new circular organizations, new regenerative agriculture, new radically responsiblep infrastructure, new gameworlds.


    The New Refugee strategy is clear. "You won't change things by fighting the existing gameworlds. You change things by creating new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant."


    The pain-empowered clarity about what does not work from you and your team's recent life experiences is the catalyst for creating new gameworlds that have a new chance of working.

  • Alix, a New Refugee in Rwanda.

  • New Refugees Strategy

    A. Commit to creating whatever you see needs doing directly in front of you right now, even if you don't know how to do it yet.B. Do tiny experiments to learn how to do what you see needs doing. If something does not work, make a Do-Over: change your approach, and do the next experiment, until you figure out how to create it and it is working.C. Empower others any way you can to replace you where you are in creating your new gameworld so that you can go on to step A. again. 


    Work In A Circle

    • Do everything in circles, not in a hierarchy. Use Torus Technology for your meetings.  Consult Resistance for its wisdom in your decision making. Simply do the things that are 'safe enough to try' and 'good enough for now'. 
    • Use the pain of knowing how and why the system fails to build codex of the new gameworld. Because they know what doesn't work it will be impossible to design those into a new system. 
    • Get to know who has the respect in the communities, such as the elders, women, community leaders, etc. 
    • Commit to it more than they commit to you. 
    • Keep payment out of the center of the work. 
    • The codex of the refugee community game world can be designed by asking: a. What doesn't work? and b. What could be better? This will be a totally different system - modern culture has to be totally reinvented. 
    • "I am a force of nature - you're not talking to a blonde haired girl."
    • Make things based on the natural environment and simply - use bamboo or biomass materials to make chopsticks, shelters, everything. Build gardens and live off of the local land. Ecovillage design course. Re use seeds of vegetables (seeds savers exchange). 
    • Every person is a collector of elements. 
    • Create circles with the purpose of empowering edgeworkers to inventing next culture (spaceholder, documenter, walker). Write the codex and make it copyleft. 
    • Ensure its nomadic, prepare to be mobile: they have to teach other camps, practice letting them teach (http://torustechnology.strikingly.com/)
    • Forbid donations from corporations. No plastic or bullshit artificial materials. 
    • Teach women the carrot breaking nose strategy - grow carrots. Empower women.
    • Make a handbook and website and spread widely so it can be replicated. Duplicate myself / a team as fast as possible. 

    Thanks for the space to explore this with you. Will keep updated with any developments on starting this journey to create sustainable refugee communities, or insights if I go to any camps this year. To share my journey through the gate which is based on the refugee community vision - I asked for insight on where to start on this journey - a large stone figure told me to move to a refugee family and become like family in the community - learn the language / customs / traditions. That understanding how trust and honor operates interpersonally in the community is fundamental to transformation and new cultures.



    Radical Responsibility

    Use a diamond-sharp Sword of Clarity to listen to what each person says and distinguish what the purpose of each statement is. Take ownership of being Radically Responsible for everything that happens or does not happen. Avoid using reasons, or excuses. Avoid blaming others or feeling resentful. Avoid plotting revenge, even revenge by success, such as "I told you so." We are all on the same team. Everyone brings their unique value into play just by being present, even before they do anything. Take Radical Responsibility for your own value and for admiring and respecting the value of each person.


    Become Centered

    Use your Sword of Clarity in your energetic body to sense whether or not you are giving your Energetic Center away to the past, to belief systems, to traditions, to not knowing how, or to external authorities. Learn and practice to Become Centered.


    Use 5 Bodies

    Arguing from the mind and defending concepts with intellectual discussion and reasons is a trap for not creating the next new things. Do not get caught in that trap. Instead adopt the understanding that each person has 5 Bodies, not just a mind. The universe of making things happen is bigger than the mind. Each of the 5 Bodies has its own intelligence, needs its own food, has its own Liquid States, and its own ecstasies. Call upon the intelligence of each person's 5 Bodies to create new results.


    Practice Being Present Rather Than Being In Stories

    Minimize NOW.

    Take Radical Responsibility for stories, both inside you (inner permaculture) and outside you (outer permaculture).

    Become Present.


    Inspect And Upgrade Each Other's Thoughtware

    Yes. Your thoughtware can be upgraded!


    Create High Drama

    Learn to shift from Low Drama to High Drama, both individually and as a Team.


    Get Out Of Your 8 Prisons

    Placing Authentic Adulthood Initiatory processes at the center of your gameworld as one of the highest values takes you out of your 8 Prisons into a new future.


    Become A Gameworld Builder


    Provide Value

    Deliver thoughtware upgrade talks, workshops, and trainings.


    Create Critical Connections


    Be Part Of Emerging Next Culture - Archearchy


    Shift Into Being a regenerative-culture New Refugee Nanonation.


    Train-Up New Refugee Nanonation Builders

    Train-up 3-person teams of New Refugee Nanonation gameworld-builders to go out to start more self-duplicating New Refugee Nanonations. Each New Refugee Nanonation is a school for training-up New Refugee Gameworld Builders.




  • 8 Prisons / 8 Initiations

    Extracting yourself from the 8 Prisons involves 8 authentic adulthood Initiations.


    Initiation is a path of empowerment and creation. The path of initiation is your birthright - but initiations have been forgotten by modern culture. This has killed modern culture.


    An initiation is any process after which you are consciously able to take more responsibility. The best initiations empower you to take responsibility for things you may never imagined responsibility could be taken. It is also possible for you to face into your life and take radical responsibility.


    Nobody can get initiated for you. Nobody can stop you from doing it.




    1. Not having any questions.
    2. Using Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware.
    3. Not understanding this website.
    4. Being angry about being afraid of these possibilities.





    1. You think somebody owes you to take care of you.
    2. You assume it is okay to take other people's things without asking first, drink from their glass, eat from their plate. Their stuff is your stuff.
    3. You feel normal to have your personal bubble of space completely inside of someone else's bubble of space.



    1. Birth Process - starting over in your mother's belly, consciously choosing to live, 









    1. Patriarchal belief systems about women, money, power, children, and nature.







    1. Your ultimate goal is to retire. Then you can start living.
    2. You care about the Certificates on your wall to prove you are doing the right thing and have achieved certified excellence. (Certified by external authority.)


    1. 'I Am' Initiation.
    2. Distilling your Bright Principles (Distilling Destiny Process).